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Store Spotlight: Coccinella

A new 50th & France shop brings Mediterranean goods to the Twin Cities.

Nestled in between 50th & France's Paper Source and Fashion Ave. sits Coccinella, a store dedicated to bringing the "Mediterranean experience" to the land of 10,000 lakes.

After moving to the Twin Cities from Turkey (with their sons, Umut and Cosku) husband and wife Suayip and Seher Kaplan opened up Coccinella in December 2018, bringing authentic Turkish olive oil and home goods to the Twin Cities.

The store is named after the scarlet ladybug (Coccinella literally means "ladybug" in Latin). "Ladybugs are essential to keep a robust environment, and olive oils are essential for the vitality of our bodies," says Umut Kaplan, son of Suayip and Seher, who helps out in the shop. each bottle is produced by the Kaplan family and goes through a meticulous process to ensure its maintains its health benefits.

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