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Our name comes from the seven-spotted ladybug known as Coccinella in Latin. This fantastic tiny creature helps reduce pesticide use by eating harmful plant-eating insects, contributing to a healthy environment worldwide. The Coccinella merits both respect and praise for its biological contribution to nature. A symbol of good fortune and prosperity, not only did the Coccinella inspire our logo, but it also mirrors our family's sense of responsibility to nature and the world.
Coccinella team celebrating the opening of Coccinella Store

Coccinella's History


Several years ago, our family hosted a student from Italy as part of an educational exchange program. This experience showed us the benefit of being immersed in another culture, so much so that we sent our sons to attend high school and college in the United States. During their time at school, they enjoyed building new friendships, learning a new language, and experiencing other cultural traditions. On our frequent visits, we experienced the warm hospitality of their teachers, friends, and families.
This experience sparked our desire to share our favorite traditions of the Mediterranean with our new community in the United States. After years of managing successful companies in our home country of Turkey, we began this exciting new endeavor that combines our business experience and passion for our proud Mediterranean heritage! We hope our products inspire you to enjoy and embrace this vibrant lifestyle and bring you good fortune and prosperity.

Suayip and Seher Kaplan

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