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Gifts for Your
Loved Ones!

Gift With Coccinella.jpeg
Did you know that we do ship perfectly prepared
special gifts to your loved ones?
If you want to send a special gift to your family, loved ones, and friends in Minnesota and/or distant states, Coccinella can do it perfectly and easily for you. With the capacity of our 4,000 sq ft warehouse, we have sent thousands of gifts to many parts of the country so far.

In two simple steps, you can do it too!
During online purchases,

1) Enter the address information of the person you want to send a gift.
2) Add a note to your order and we'll handwrite it and put it in your package.

That's all, the rest is on us! Don't let last-minute gifts stress you out. Just select your gifts at our online store, add your special notes and let us do the magic!
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