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Turkish Family Opens Coccinella Boutique at 50th and France

A piece about Coccinella at Edina Magazine!

Coccinella is a Latin term for ladybug. Ladybugs are not only naturally attractive with their bright red and black markings; they’re also good for the environment. So when the Kaplan family named their new shop at 50th and France after this small but mighty creature, they were signaling an appreciation for nature, its beauty and sustainability.

That’s what you’ll find at Coccinella, a distinctively Mediterranean boutique with premium olive oils and vinegars, luxurious Turkish cotton textiles and a unique curation of artwork.

Detail from Coccinella Store showing colorful textiles

The shop’s concept had been in the works for some time and finally came to fruition once Suayip and Seher Kaplan’s sons Umut and Cosku transferred to colleges in Minnesota. The sons have been educated in the U.S. since high school after the family hosted a foreign exchange student in their home in Turkey. The Kaplans had such a wonderful experience hosting an international student and felt there was tremendous benefit to an international education, so they wanted to give their children a similar opportunity. After graduating from high school in New Hampshire, the boys went on to Michigan State University and later transferred to Minnesota where Cosku studies automotive engineering at Minnesota State Mankato and Umut will soon earn an engineering degree from the University of Minnesota.

While here, the family noted Minnesota, and Edina in particular, seemed the perfect place to launch the concept his parents had in mind.

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