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2023 Harvest - Oleavia Asilik II edition

Proud Gold Award Winner in NYIOOC 2024 Competition!!!

Contains the highest polyphenol count of our EVOOs!!

The Asilik II EVOO is made from handpicked Memecik olives, the olives are single estate, early harvested and pressed within hours.  Due to the type of olive and high polyphenol content, this oil has a grassy aroma and peppery finish. Using this delicious EVOO fresh from the bottle, in a salad dressing, dipping sauce, or finishing oil is the best way to experience its full health benefits. Give your immune system a boost by taking 2 tablespoons each morning!

We use unique caps for our bottles to minimize oxidation as you use them. This way we keep the health benefits of the EVOO at a high level, and keep the authentic taste of it fresh. The cap may give the expression of being sealed at first. It is not, simply give the bottle a good shake at first drizzle, and enjoy. 

2023 Harvest - Oleavia Asilik II edition


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