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The Mediterranean Experience
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Climate and colours make sense of geography.
The Mediterranean is one of the most vital climatic areas
on earth. The sun pours the purest colours from the
wavelengths of its light onto the earth in the
Mediterranean. And the Mediterranean is one of the most
temperate seas. Thus, it is much warmer and more vibrant.
The colours and climate in the Mediterranean are much
more temperate and vital. A uniquely rich, ancient culture
and way of life have emerged in the Mediterranean. The
secret of a long and healthy life is hidden in this culture. A
calm and healthy diet is the secret of this happy life; fresh
fruit, vegetable, and olive oil dishes. With these, life in the
Mediterranean turns into a feast every day…

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Oleavia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Oleavia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Oleavia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Oleavia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Oleavia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Star Tribune Readers' Choice
Oleavia_Olive Oil
Olive Oil

Bring Ancient Flavor to your Kitchen
Oleavia Premium Natural Olive Oil

Our family owned brand of premium extra virgin olive oil
goes from olive to oil in a matter of hours. Our meticulous
process of creating our olive oil maintains the fresh flavor
of the olive and a high level of the healthy polyphenol’s.

Feel the softness of Aegean Breeze
Aegean Breeze Turkish Cotton Textiles

Grown throughout Turkey, Turkish cotton features longer
fibers that produce a thread more durable than standard
cotton. This unique quality creates a strong textile that will
become softer and more absorbent with each washing!
Coccinella Store Unique Artworks
Unique Ceramics

Bring the unique Mediterranean style
to your home.

Handcrafted Home Goods
*Only avaliable in Coccinella store, Minnesota

The history of transforming soil into ceramics has been a rich and vital part of the Mediterranean culture and region
for thousands of years.

We feature hand-crafted ceramics, hand-blown glass, and fused glass art pieces that will bring beauty and a sense of harmony to your home—created by artisans raised within the Mediterranean culture and deeply influenced by its mysterious history.

Visit us soon! With the feel of an art gallery, our store
offers you authentic Mediterranean hospitality and an
environment so calming that you may find yourself
hearing the sea’s soft sounds.
We are excited to be planting our roots here in
Minnesota and to share the part of our Mediterranean
heritage with the people in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.
We look forward to growing with the community and
are proud to call 50th and France our new home.

The Kaplan Family

World Olive Oil Competition
2021 Winner:
Two gold, One silver Awards...


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