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Feel The Softness Of Aegean Breeze Textiles

Our goal is to bring high-quality, not blended, 100% Turkish Cotton Textiles at an affordable price.
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100% Turkish Cotton
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Organic Farming Methods
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Traditional Weaving Techniques
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Why Aegean Breeze

Our cotton is sourced from the Aegean region of Türkiye, where the unique climate produces longer fibers. This results in our Aegean Breeze Textiles being highly absorbent. Thanks to this superior absorbency, we can weave our textiles at a lighter weight, ensuring they dry quickly. Additionally, our non-terry weaving technique on our beach towels and versatile blankets makes them stay sand-free, making them perfect for any adventure.

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How Versatile Our Beach Towels?

Mira Beach Towel

Our Mira Beach Collection is woven from 100% Turkish cotton, featuring a handsome design available in 8 unique color combinations to suit everyone's taste. This beach towel is a must-have for your next getaway!

We are confident you'll enjoy this towel for years to come. You'll be back for more – this time, as gifts for your loved ones!

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Our Versatile Blankets

Our versatile blankets, woven from 100% Turkish cotton, feature a unique weaving style similar to our beach collection. These blankets can double as large beach towels, offering sand-free convenience and easy washing and drying due to their pure cotton composition. Their elegant and fun designs make them perfect for a variety of uses—whether as a cozy addition to your couch, a stylish tablecloth, a comfortable picnic blanket, a chic patio accessory, or even a beautiful bedspread.

Fish Blanket

This blanket is undoubtedly our best seller in the beach collection. Why? Its reversible fish design is a guaranteed eye-catcher, bursting with vibrant colors perfect for any summer adventure, especially at the lake or a picnic!

It also adds a playful statement to your space when draped over your couch.

We're confident you'll fall in love with both its stunning appearance and remarkable versatility!

Kayra Blanket

This blanket features a reversible, minimalist design that effortlessly complements any setting. Its unique weaving style makes it an ideal choice for picnics, lake trips, and outdoor activities. Despite its lightweight feel, it is slightly heavier and larger than our fish blanket. It's a perfect blanket over your couch or bed. 

If you appreciate minimalist aesthetics, you'll absolutely love this blanket for any occasion.

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